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Powered by the Amazon Chime SDK


A Streamlined Solution for Modern Communication

Designed by a team of experts dedicated to real-time communications applications for nearly a decade, our virtual meeting platform includes 80% of the features consistently requested by our clients.

With the flexibility to customize the remaining details, you get a solution that's uniquely yours.

Built on the robust Amazon Chime SDK, ensuring reliability and scalability even in high-demand scenarios.


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Top reasons to use our Starter Kit

Built on the robust Amazon Chime SDK, our solution ensures reliability and scalability, even under high-demand scenarios. You can trust that your video communication platform will deliver a consistent and high-quality experience for users, regardless of the scale.

Our Starter Kit provides a ready-to-use framework that accelerates the launch of your virtual meeting tool, allowing you to focus on refining your unique features and functionalities. Say goodbye to time-consuming development cycles!

While the Starter Kit offers a set of standard features, it's highly customizable to adapt to your use case. Whether you need to integrate branding elements, add specialized features, or tailor the user experience, our solution provides the flexibility you need.

We can build this as a completely custom application in your infrastructure or we can host and manage it for you.


Who is WebRTC.ventures?

WebRTC.ventures has been at the forefront of building live video, audio, and chat applications since 2015.

We’re a proud System Integration Partner for the Amazon Chime SDK and a member of the Amazon Partner Network, leveraging the power of AWS and WebRTC.

We're here to assess, integrate, build, test, and manage your WebRTC application.

Features included in the Video Call Starter Kit

  • check-circle-green Your logo and brand colors
  • check-circle-green Select hosting regions
  • check-circle-green A responsive design for desktop or mobile browsers with no download required
  • check-circle-green Pre-call testing
  • check-circle-green Waiting room with notifications
  • check-circle-green In-call screen sharing
  • check-circle-green In-call secure text chat
  • check-circle-green User Management
  • check-circle-green Audio and Video Controls
  • check-circle-green Call Stats
  • check-circle-green Speaker Detection
  • check-circle-green Users Panel
  • check-circle-green Recording with enable/disable functionality
  • check-circle-green HIPAA-ready
  • check-circle-green Select hosting regions
  • check-circle-green Built on AWS Cloud

Integrated Chat Module


Account Manager


Group Video Call


Pre call/Connectivity Test

Feel free to customize the codebase to suit your needs. We’re here to build whatever you require! Take a look at some of the customizations previous clients have requested.
  • check-circle-purple Scheduled appointments
  • check-circle-purple Customizable email and text appointment reminders
  • check-circle-purple In-call note taking and collaborative forms
  • check-circle-purple Whiteboards
  • check-circle-purple Payment integrations
  • check-circle-purple Deep learning based noise suppression
  • check-circle-purple Call analytics/insights
  • check-circle-purple Natural, conversational IVR
  • check-circle-purple AI voice and chat bots
  • check-circle-purple Video effects, i.e., background removal
  • check-circle-purple Transcriptions
  • check-circle-purple Conversational Analysis
  • check-circle-purple Telephony integrations
  • check-circle-purple Break out rooms
  • check-circle-purple Proctoring
  • check-circle-purple Webinars and live broadcasting
  • check-circle-purple Additional platforms support (e.g: iOS or Android)
  • check-circle-purple Extra large groups

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